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While there’s no question that the subject of my recent post on Solana Beach is just a scant five miles or so south from the subject of Today’s post, I’m just trying to cover some basics as the Tasting Adventure website begins its new life here.

I’ve been living in Encinitas/Carlsbad area for more than two years. While my heart is tugged by friends and familiarity of Orange County, I’ve come to endear the North County San Diego area. To be sure, I’m not blown away by the culinary scene here, but with a more renewed interest in kitchen and encinitas-donut-shoppe.jpg culinary adventures, perhaps this isn’t such a bad thing. With beautiful beaches, good coffee, several farmers markets and the ubiquitous Leucadia Donut Shoppe just down the road, there’s plenty to explore. And when the call of fine dining or more creative culinary escapades call, I can drive the quick 25 miles north and revisit my Orange County stomping grounds.

Perhaps because it’s winter, but every day I’m pulled by the the beach like a strong magnet around six o’clock. While sunsets over the beach are always seductive, winter sunsets with unique cloud formations and migratory shore birds that don’t exist in summer, it’s the time of year to go to the beach. Long or short walks and a few trips up and down the stairs to Beacon’s, Moonlight or Swami’s beaches are just better in the winter. Less people and the sun perfectly due west create an open expanse which allows space to ponder, wonder and otherwise drift with the waves and the rhythm of surfers. Especially at low tide.

So while Sonana Beach and Encinitas share the same coastline, the five mile, or so, coastline offers just enough difference that an early evening diversion calls often.

Encinitas: Beaches Better in Winter





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