When In Paso Robles In The Spring


Epoch Estate Wines Tasting Room

More like a lounge, Epoch Estate Wines tasting room is inviting

When in Paso Robles I tend to gravitate to the westside wineries, not only because they are closer to Curt and Martha’s home, but for the most part, I find the wines more interesting and the environment more aesthetically pleasing, to my taste

anyway. I was happy to see that the people behind Bill Armstrong and his fairly new Epoch Estate Wines purchased the old York Mountain Winery which Martin-Weyrich drove into bankruptcy along with all of their other over leveraged properties and projects. Best of all, they took the sterile and ugly “trailer” that Martin-Weyrcih used for a tasting room and made it into a warm, inviting environment that resembles more a lounge than a tasting room. I do look forward to the renovation of the historic York Mountain Winery building and hope they ultimately move the tasting room back in there.

While on the trail we visited Denner Vineyards which just released their 2010 Denner Vineyards Viognier, light and golden and perfume on the nose and viscous and dances in your mouth with tropical fruit flavors and a hint of butterscotch. We slipped by Tablas Creek Vineyards where we indulged in what I believe is IMG_0907.jpgperhaps the best rosé in California, made primarily of Mouvédre the 2010 Tablas Creek Vineyard Rosé with its color of rich cranberry, and flavors of spice, apricot and sour cherry, it’s the perfect summer wine. Stock up now.

With each visit to Curt and Martha’s Casa de las Vistas, I find myself leaving the area before I really settled in, where the comaraderie, good food, wine and endless brainstorming of ideas and dreams quickly fades as the 101 freeway beckons me to head south—until the next trip.


A trip to Paso Robles Wine Country isn’t complete without a picnic lunch from the veritable and fresh Farmstand 46.

Farmstand 46 Behaug grilled sandwich fresh and savory.

Farmstand 46 Behaug grilled sandwich fresh and savory.


The Behaug, a roast beef sandwich with aged cheddar, red pepper, sweet onion and horseradish on toasted rye!

raisins and scooper templeton farmers market

Scoop up a bagful at the Templeton Farmers Market

root vegetables

Springtime Root Veggies freshly harvested at Templeton Farmers Market


Freshly harvested greens ready for the taking at Templeton Farmers Market

Raisins, beets and greens. Nothing like eye food at the Templeton Farmers Market.

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