Don’t Toss It, Fix Your Kitchen Appliance

It could have been a disaster. With the entire meal staged, ingredients prepped and timed, my friends Bonnie and Doug waited in anticipation as I prepared to cook herb-crusted rack of lamb, grilled asparagus and potatoes a la boulangere. But when I flicked the switch on my old faithful KitchenAid Blender our ears were greeted with the sound of a winding whir, but in the pitcher nothing was happening. The bread, rosmary, thyme, parsley, garlic and splash of olive oil just sat there. Disaster. The coupler that engages the blender motor with the pitcher disintegrated before our eyes. Bits of plastic dropped to the counter. The blender was rendered useless.Kitchen-Aid Blender Broken Coupler

I quickly pulled my mini 3-cup Cuisinart food processor from the cupboard and awkardly transferred the herb crust inredients from the blender into the processor. It took several rounds of processing until I had the mixture ready. Meanwhile timing was off, the kitchen was in a bit of chaos and my guests stomachs started growling.

Everything worked out and by the next morning I was ready to call KitchenAid and air my complaint. Though I knew this was a longshot since that blender is about ten years old. That blender was one of the few things, like my Laguille knives, Peugeot pepper grinder and a small assortment of cutlery and pans that I didn’t dispose or sell prior to my around the world motorcycle journey. So instead, I consulted with Dr. Google and was suprised to find that others had the same problem and the fix was a simple $9 part that was in stock at Repair Clinic.IMG_1034.JPG

Just 4 days later the part arrived in my mail box with detailed instructions how to replace it. My blender is working and I’m heading to the farmers market for fresh fruit and going to make some Sunday afternoon smoothies.

During my trip around the world, I learned that in most other countries, people are very good at repairing and fixing things, rather than throwing away and buying new. They do this not really because of economics, but out of necessity. Sometimes getting replacements is impossible, extremely difficult or takes a long time. It’s easier to fix, which, in turn, is easier on the land-fills.

I believe here in the United States were too quick to toss out the old and broken and opt for something new. In the past, this probably was easier than finding a competent technician or the necessary part. Thanks to technology and the pervasive internet and Dr. Google, we can give things in our lives a second chance—a new take on life.

For my KitchenAid blender, this is a good thing.


RepairClinic lives up to its brand promise “We Make Fixing Things Easy” as my $9 part came with detailed instructions on how to remove and replace the blender drive coupling wheel. I’ve seen much less detailed instructions for the assembly of furniture, bbq grills and other products costing hundreds of dollars more. I think these manufacturers could take a cue from RepairClinic and focus on making things easy.

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    When it comes to kitchen appliances, i always use the branded ones.

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