Allan Karl WorldRider Egypt Pyramids

Adventure Never Tasted So Good.

My goal was to ride a motorcycle around the world—alone.

I figured it would take me two years. What did I know? Very few people have done such a thing. There was no question I did have an insatiable taste for adventure and an incurable thirst for discovery. What more did I need? Two years can change most anything. Could I somehow change the world? I could try. Would this journey change me? I knew it would test and tax me—push me outside my comfort zone. Still, I also knew there were truths to discover, and yet no matter how difficult the road ahead was going to be, I was fully committed. So, to the astonishment and disbelief of my friends and family, I set out on an odyssey that would forever alter my emotion, desire and vision.

Often the road was rough and the weather foul. And though sometimes I was lost, lonely, or confused by strange dialects that fogged my brain, I discovered I never had to look for it, because truth always found me. And when it did, I found faith in humanity. And that’s where truth shines.

Though I set off on this journey alone, I realized I was never alone. Because whenever I looked around, I found someone who cared. Despite the challenges and difficulties compounded by language, culture, customs and economics, I discovered how easily they are overcome. Whether in the home of a local businessperson In Buenos Aires, or on the muddy floor of a grass hut in Ethiopia or Sudan, imagine blending and sharing authentic local flavors with community, conversation and smiles of new friends. There’s no doubt, it’s those simple moments of sharing food and life stories that bring people together and connect us—all of us.

Three years passed before I found my way back home. And though this journey allowed me to taste adventure and quench that thirst for discovery, it was connecting with people that helped me uncover the truth I’d sought. Far from the white tablecloths and glistening stemware of 5-star resorts, big city restaurants and celebrity chefs, it was in simple kitchens, at roadside stands and in thatched huts while sharing meals and memories that I found the beauty of people. And it always tasted so good.

Now I invite you to travel and adventure around the world as I did. Through the stories and recipes in these pages, discover authentic food, taste each unique culture and meet the local people. Cook up your own adventures, discover truths and share stories. And make connections of your own.

After all, it’s in the kitchen and at the dining table where we all share adventures and come together—and connect.