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Tasting Adventure

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The Wild World of Restaurant Wine Corkage Policies

Last night I was able to lift my head up and take a needed break from working on my books and other projects. I made the short journey to downtown San Diego to finally catch up with old friends Steve Farber and Shawn Ellis. While Steve is local, Shawn is in San Diego for the […]

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Onions. The Hidden Truth.

What is it about onions? Growing up I avoided them completely. Carefully picking them off burgers, sandwiches and salads, it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I began what has been many years of courting the almighty onion. This affair has served me well as I have learned much about my paramour, the onion, and […]

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When In Paso Robles In The Spring

  When in Paso Robles I tend to gravitate to the westside wineries, not only because they are closer to Curt and Martha’s home, but for the most part, I find the wines more interesting and the environment more aesthetically pleasing, to my taste anyway. I was happy to see that the people behind Bill […]

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Artichokes: Templeton Farmers Market April 2001

Artichoke Spring – Fresh & Clean

While on a recent trip to the central California coast, I stopped in to visit my good friends Curt and Martha. Prior to a day of decadent tasting of the great Rhone varietal wines of Paso Robles’ west side, we stopped into the Templeton Farmers Market. Though we were committed to a dinner of roast […]

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1992 Ferrari-Carano Tresor Reserve Cork

Wild card from the cellar

1992 Ferrari-Carano Reserve Tresor surprises me for a19 year-old Sonoma Cab   This bottle has been kicking around my cellar for more than ten years. I must admit, I wasn’t excited about opening this wine. But as the adage goes, it’s not going to get any younger, so with apprehension and low expectations I pulled […]

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Wine Making History: Bedrock Wine Company, Sonoma

A vey passionate winemaker whose wines are some of the best I’ve discovered in recent years just announced that he will be issuing a refund to anyone who bought one of his most recent releases. Why? Because he doesn’t feel the quality is up to the standards he strives for and is committed to making. […]

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Balsalmic Chicken With Vegetables En Papillote

Balsalmic Chicken With Vegetables En Papillote

Trying to figure out what to do with the remaining boneless, skinless chicken breasts I didn’t use for the Thai Green Curry the other night, I decided to cook a fresh, clean and very simple dish with lots of flavor and nutrition. En papillote is a french term which, translated literally, means in parchment. It’s […]

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