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Zanzibar Mtuzi wa Samaki - Swahili Baked Halibut Curry

Zanzibar Inspired Baked Halibut Curry:
Mtuzi wa Samaki

With the heat of summer, the waves pounding on the beach and the palm trees swaying with the breeze, I find myself dreaming of Tanzania, the Indian Ocean and the historic island of Zanzibar. Just off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar has a colored history in that it served for years as the hub of […]

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Wetter Than Victoria Falls. The warning signs were everywhere. More than 50,000 people evacuated from Mozambique and another 10,000 from Zambia. The Zambezi River was on course of destruction. Weeks of torrential rain caused Africa’s fourth largest river to burst its bank and flood surrounding valleys. Crossing the mighty Zambezi, which winds its way from […]

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