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Zilzil Alecha - Ethiopian Flavors Expressed Perfectly!

Ethiopia Dreaming: Zilzil Alecha—Prime Beef in Green Pepper Sauce

Though it’s been more than three years since I was cruising winding my way through Ethiopia and following the Nile River, exploring the ancient ruins of Lalibela and searching for the remains of Haile Selassie’s Lions and the tomb or memorial of Bob Marley. Though the donkey dealer I whom I tried to purchase one […]

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Burmese Chicken Lentil Curry

Now known as Myanmar and home to Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the country once called Burna is nestled between India and China, Myanmar which means its food and culture influences and is influenced by both of its neighbors. With yellow lentils (chana dal) and spices (cumin, garam masala, etc.) are fond […]

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When In Paso Robles In The Spring

  When in Paso Robles I tend to gravitate to the westside wineries, not only because they are closer to Curt and Martha’s home, but for the most part, I find the wines more interesting and the environment more aesthetically pleasing, to my taste anyway. I was happy to see that the people behind Bill […]

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Artichokes: Templeton Farmers Market April 2001

Artichoke Spring – Fresh & Clean

While on a recent trip to the central California coast, I stopped in to visit my good friends Curt and Martha. Prior to a day of decadent tasting of the great Rhone varietal wines of Paso Robles’ west side, we stopped into the Templeton Farmers Market. Though we were committed to a dinner of roast […]

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People Along The Way.

It’s The People Along The Way. As the end this part of my journey looms with each mile I ride, I find myself thinking back at the many people who I’ve met, who’ve helped me, who I’ve helped and who just for one reason or another have made an indelible impression in my memory which […]

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Encinitas Coast – California

While there’s no question that the subject of my recent post on Solana Beach is just a scant five miles or so south from the subject of Today’s post, I’m just trying to cover some basics as the Tasting Adventure website begins its new life here. I’ve been living in Encinitas/Carlsbad area for more than […]

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Solana Beach

Sunday afternoon is an excellent day to stroll along Cedros Street in Sonana Beach’s design district where local farmers, chefs and street vendors set up shop for one of the nicer farmer’s markets in North County San Diego. Open from 1-5pm the small market meanders up a narrow pathway on the east side of the […]

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